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Our Philosophy

Our children's welfare, development and happiness are at the heart of the LCOCC program. 

We aim to provide our children with a warm, supportive, and safe environment, which requires caring, passionate, and professional educators.

Therefore, we strive to offer our educators a stable, nurturing professional environment by fostering strong relationships with parents, families, and the broader community.

We believe:

  • In honouring the diversity of culture, values and beliefs of other people,

  • In valuing each child as a unique person and encouraging them to develop positive self-esteem in a supportive, secure and healthy environment,

  • In the importance of committed and caring staff and encourage a stable, lasting relationship between them and the centre,

  • In parents and educators building positive, long-term relationships and that families are given opportunities to participate in the program according to their needs and interests,

  • In playing an important part in the local community through the provision of flexible care services,

  • In a sustainable environment that will seek to stimulate each child to appreciate their natural surroundings and its resources,

  • In an environment that is open ended, stimulating, nurturing and adaptable to the individual needs of each child,

  • In nurturing creativity and spontaneity and developing a sense of belonging and community within the learning environment.


Our children:

Introduced to an educational play-based program to assist each child to grow and develop at their own pace with the guidance and support by all educators:

  • Free to express their feelings and interests,

  • Show confidence, curiosity, and imagination,

  • Are independent and have good self-esteem,

  • respect for themselves and others,

  • are friendly and show caring behaviour,

  • show their full potential both emotionally and physically,

  • foster and reinforce self-control,

  • have an understanding and appreciation of the rights and feelings of other people.


We support our beliefs through:

  • Implementation of a child-centric program curriculum in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, where programs reflect children’s needs, interests and strengths so that they are actively involved in their learning,

  • A strong emphasis on the concepts of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

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